Frequently asked questions

Before you book

How do I join ?

You can sign up for an account using your Facebook account or with your personal email address. Once you’ve created an account and verified your mobile phone, you can go ahead and start the process to book a car (or) bike.

We also ask for your payment method information. You should only enter a payment method that is in your name, and we do not currently allow payment methods to be shared on accounts.

What information do I need in order to rent on ?
  • You must hold a current, valid (non-temporary) driver's license, and present your license to the owner when you begin the trip.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • If you hold a foreign license, you must be at least 25, and you will need to provide your passport and a photograph of your license.
  • You must possess a mobile phone in your own name that we can verify through text message.
  • You must be a registered user of Ridengine.
  • I cannot find a ride in my location. What to do?

    Everyday we are adding new locations and new owners are listing their cars and bikes. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates.

    How do I pay for my rental?

    Before we confirm your trip, we ask for a payment method through which the amount for the reservation would be deducted.

    Can I rent more than one car at a time?

    No, you may only rent one car at a time. You may message and make Inquiries of many different owners, even inquiring for the same time periods. You may also rent more than one car, but not during the same rental periods -- there can be no overlap in trips

    Before you travel

    How do I extend my reservation?
    You must request an extension of your trip from your Dashboard at It is not sufficient to call, text, or e-mail the owner or Customer Care.

    Where will I meet the owner after I book?

    The owner and the renter exchange information and setup a pick-up location, Generally at the owners convinient location. Exchange all the required information along with paper work and return location.

    Can I take a pet along with me??

    If the owner is comfortable and OK with it. We love pets!

    My plan has changed, can I choose another vehicle/time?

    We try to accommodate everyone but its upto the availability and cancelation policy. If itsprior to 24 hrs we can change your reservation.

    Can someone else drive Ridengine Vehicles during my reservation?

    Only members can drive reserved vehicles through Ridengine. If you've got a fellow rider who is also a member, it's ok to go ahead and share the driving time.

    Other FAQs

    What if I leave something during my reservation?

    Ridengine is not responsible for your belongings. However we suggest you call the call center. We will try our best to help you find your belongings.

    What modes of payments are accepted?

    Ridengine accepts payments by credit cards, debit cards and netbanking. All payments are made in advance through our website. Sorry, we do not accept cash.

    Who pays for fuel?

    Fuel is not included in the reservation cost. If the owner gives you the ride with full tank, its your responsibilty to return with full tank or the fuel charge will be deducted from you payment.

    What documents must I show at the State border RTO office after crossing a State border?

    You must show copies of the RC Card, Insurance Note, Self-Drive License, and the All India Permit.

    Who pays for parking ?

    Renters pay for the parking cost involved during the reservation period.